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How life coaching has laid the foundation of my change

Have you ever felt stuck? Unable to move forward? Blocked by your own thoughts, routines, and actions?

Unfortunately, almost every one of us has experienced that at least once.

It took me a wide series of “being stuck” moments, that I could, in a way or the other, handle, before I finally banged my head against a brick wall.

And when I got at that point, I realized I was lacking the foundation needed for my personal growth, that every time I was able to rise up after a fall, I was building once again on weak, shaky ground: that is probably why I was always falling into the same hole.

Life coaching was what really laid the foundations for my change, once and for all.

How come?

Well, life coaching helped me creating proactive steps to live the life I wanted.

For the first time in many years of self-analytical work and several sessions of psychotherapy, it wasn´t about the past but it was about the present and the future. Better explained: it was about my vision, the person I wanted to be, and how to get there.

About what I had in that particular moment of my life, ready to be valued and build upon.

It was such a profound encounter that I then decided to combine all my skills and knowledge and start applying what I have learned in my courses to actively help people, the way I helped myself.

But here an overview of a life coaching process! Since you might be getting curious about how all this magic works.

Well, It starts with a discussion, with getting to know each other, understanding if there might be a fit, and the possibility to actively work together.

Trust is fundamental, as much in life as in a life coaching- client relationship and, even if we all know that it is built over time, a first chat would help to “sense” each other and understand whether the foundation for a possible relationship is there.

Then, after this first chat, real coaching starts. We would start from defining goals, such as long term goals (what we could call your vision), and short term goals.

Don´t worry, if you feel lost and don´t exactly know what your goals are!

Coaching is also about finding out what your goals might be, based on your values, skills, and talents.

We grow up in a society that makes us believe that we have to go along with the crowd, “be successful”, “make money”, “study economics because if you study philosophy you´ll never have a job” (My dad´s quote).

No wonder we have, most likely, lost sense of our true purpose.

Then we would move towards a “reality check”, understanding more about your current reality, are you far from achieving your goals, or maybe, just by shifting your gaze, could you realize that you are actually not that far? Is there any limiting belief that is preventing you from moving forward? Any behavior that is negatively affecting your life?

This is a very interesting part, as what we call “reality” is mostly just what we see and perceive, influenced by our own mind, past experiences, and expectations.

After checking in with our reality, it is time to analyze options. What kind of options do you have and which ones would make more sense in order for you to achieve your goals?

Once we have a clear idea of what is going on and what we want, it is finally time for actions!

What actions will you take next? Here is where we would make a very detailed plan.

Last but not least, the outcome. How will you know that you have achieved your goals? How can we measure it?

This is the fundamental framework of coaching, inside this framework lies the discovery of our inner values, limiting believes, expectations, our lens through which we look at reality.

Discovering it about yourself is beautiful and immediately empowers you, as you might make sense of why you acted/tend to act a certain way and how to change these limiting behaviors and belives.

Ultimately, all coaching must aid maturity, decisiveness, and strength of character.

Are you ready to start this journey?

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