Hi, my name is Emanuela. 

I am a Hata and Yin yoga teacher, a certified yoga therapist, and a meditation teacher. I am also a certified life coach and Reiki level 2 practitioner. 

I am totally fascinated by the healing power of our mind, and therefore I constantly study to learn more and more about natural and spiritual healing techniques, holistic wellness and personal development.

My mission is to help people to listen and love themselves, becoming their best version, living a balanced and holistic life, which for me is "a healthy life".
My mission is also to spread knowledge and give everyone the opportunity to have the means to create new ideas and new truths.
In a society based on overruling our individual power from an early age, my mission is to spread knowledge that can awaken our innate power. 

My background is in business, having earned a degree in economics and worked for a few years in companies. This is what I call "my old life".
In fact, in the midst of my career, all my repressed traumas and past suffering have come to a complete standstill.

It was then that I began my personal journey of transformation. And it was then that seeing myself in a holistic way changed everything.
It was then that a new world opened up for me, that I did not think and did not believe existed.

It wasn't easy, and I admit it was sometimes overwhelming. But I am grateful every single day, to have started this journey. 

Since my life has changed completely in a way I could never even have imagined, I decided to follow what is my mission: to help other people live a better life and create a safe space for personal development.