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Why A Healthy Life 

A Healthy Life is a personal development, tailored- made approach, that aims to guide you through the process of self-healing.

The purpose is guiding you towards holistic wellbeing, which means harmonizing your mind, body, and soul.

The main focus is on active coaching support, which will always be offered, with elements of yoga, meditation and breathwork.

Depending on your personal needs, I could also refer you to various fitness or nutritional experts to complete your journey, along with the many experts who work with me.

Indeed, the aim is to offer a 360 personalized program, that would lead to an effective, profound transformation, matched with active support. 

I believe that only by following a holistic approach we can truly find balance and sustainable wellbeing.


I work online or in-person in Zürich.

Languages offered: English and Italian.

How it works

We will start with a first talk, free of charge, that will help you to sense if you could feel comfortable with me and if you would like to start this journey together.

I will explain how I work and, above all, I will listen to you.

I will understand your current situation and what our main goal should be in this specific phase of your life. 

If you decide to start walking this path with me, first of all I will create a plan made especially for you, which includes daily actions to facilitate your growth and transformation: a personalized ebook, with daily and weekly plans. 

During this phase your contribution, your needs and desires will be a huge point of consideration and my starting point in the creation of a path made just for you.

We will then start with weekly sessions designed especially for you that will include a mix of coaching, yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to promote change, balance and growth.

Schedule your first free consultation

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